Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tricopter News

Well I haven't posted much here lately due to time needed for work, personal and fire brigade commitments.
However the "Tri" is still going but it has become clear that the cheap flight controller has issue with ESC, Motor  and I'm pretty sure the CPU clock interfering with the Magnetometer (Compass).
I plan to remove the chip and mount it remotely. (A project for later)
In the mean time I''ve played with a few little quads and started on a serious build.
  • Hobby King Fiber-Glass Y3
  • APM 2.6 With Current sensor

  • GPS and Compass to suit
  • FPV
  • HD video recoding
  • 433Mhz Telemetry
  • Bluetooth Mission loading
  • Navigation LEDs
  • Orange Beacon


Build log to follow


Later Option being researched