Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its Here !

Yes after four months my Raspberry Pi has finally arrived last Friday. Why havent posted earlier you might ask ?  Because I was playing of course !
There is many SD images available on the "Net" already some of them are updated daily.

Here is links to but a few:
Linux Distro's

Cycling 4 different SD cards I tried most of them with varied success.

If you find some more Image sites please left me know (and your success's and failures)

A few thing to look out for:
  1. A Class 6 or 10 SD card WILL give you better results provided it is one that has been confirmed as working. 
  2. To reboot sometime you will need to remove the power from the board.
  3. Also while attempting the above operation..wait a while before powering back up

There has been a few occasions that I thought I have killed the SD card and/or the coping of the image had failed because I did not wait ling enough. (Maybe the caps need to discharge<shrug>)

There is also a "E" Magazine available here:

Don't get me started on the proliferation of cases becoming available !! (Go Google)

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