Saturday, July 6, 2013

The PI is Shelved

Well guys I've been super slack and not posted anything for a while.This does not mean I haven't been playing.

The 1st Raspberry PI has been relegated to along term project for a long term project to build an incident control inf a case for the Rural Fire Brigade. Incorporating 3G mobile data, UHF and VHF radios, touch screen in the lid, with mapping software, situation report logging, email and drone telemetry.( More on this soon)
The 2nd Pi is running XBMC happily abet a bit slow. I have a Rockchip Quad core TV dongle to replace it soon as I fine tune it operation.
I.E. Remote that will work with Android for the grand-kids games and control XBMC to the wife's satisfaction. ;-)
Then I am thinking of re-tasking it as do-all car computer,,,, MP3 player with SDHD, SDR TV-Radio tuner, Satellite navigation and either one way or two way OBDC-II.  (We can dream)

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