Monday, July 8, 2013

Atom and the #16 Key Chain Camera

Over the weekend I tried to fit the Hobby King MultiWii 328P board to my HK Atom and there no way it will fit.
I then decided it was pointless because without ailerons proper fight stabilization will not work (I found a few post regarding MultiWii without ailerons and aparently there is some custom conf.h code with a Easystar option)
Not a big deal, just an excuse to buy a Bixler or similar.

Due to the shortage of information on the Airlane mode on the Multiwii I'm leaning towards the Aduplan/pilot for my fixed wing project. Due to distances to "go fly" in the short term I think I'll venture into relm of Multicopter for a camera platform.

This will also work because the HK TX/RX I bought to start off with is not on "THE LIST" (Although ACMA type approved)  I cant use it at the clubs.
So promotiong the hobby is done with an elitist attitude of if you cant afford $600+ Futaba and $300+PA club fee's you are not welcome.

Anyway enough of that.. The other activity over the weekend was: I stuck a #16 key chain camera on the atom ..Stupidly under the wing stub... So I went out for the maiden flight (On prvate property with the land owners permission) Three perfect launches, each resulting in a beautiful right bank and into the ground. The last hit split some foam so instead of messaing around any more I went home and glued the damage and relocated the camera like I had seen other do.

I can highly recoment the #16 keychain as a entry level 720 DVR, the video quality is complarable with  from a $100+ Jaycar device which was larger and did not have video out.
The best info about the 808 key chain cameras is here.
I bough mine from Ebay digitaleleonline-yuanbin  which took about two weeks

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