Friday, March 9, 2012


For about 2 years now I've wanted to get into this embedded micro stuff.but time and money has always been the limiting factors... Years ago I played with ROM-DOS after searching for ages for a motherboard that was compatible. Bit of a letdown.. Yeah it was quick to the command line and then later bing straight to a ANSI menu on power up, still not that cool.
Then a little play with PIC's and PICAXe but hey I'm too old to start learning a programming lanuage from scratch.
I did some simple beta testing with QNX which I liked but time was the killer.  The meter and gauge models were fantastic.
Some mentioned Ardino, I had a precursory look and yep fancy PIC.
I wanted something with an OS that work that I could break or with a little luck hack into something useful.

Some success stories:
  • A few XBOX's around the house with various hacks:
    • Soft mods, 
    • Large HDD  installs
    • TSOP flashed
    • XBMC installed
  • Linkys AP running Open WRT
  • WD My World Book hacked to kille the photo sharing thing and added opt-ware
  • WD TV Live B-RAD with  movie sheets and symbolic links (Kept the wife happy but missed XBMC)
  • Optus My Tab (ZTE) upgraded to Android Gingerbread
In progress
  • Android on a Samsung I900 (Flakey)
  • Attempting Android or Linux on an ARM 926ejs powered Chinese Satnav (Crippled WM5 "Jail-broken")

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