Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stop Your Complaining

I've just been browsing around a few sites to catch up on Raspberry Pi development. I'm happy to report there are some industrious little bakers (Pardon the pun) working on some pretty cool stuff.
If you find any more please send them to me or better still add to the wiki (1st Link)

Of course there are also the typical knockers out there that are unlikely to purchase any of the dev boards on the market, with forum posts like: 
Pi CPU 20% slower than BeagleBoard? 
BooHoo Go buy a quad-core ARM board for $1000 then!
Why does Raspberry Pi cost more here?
Ever heard of exchange rates and international shipping ? I paid AU$41 inc GST plus Interstate Freight and was very happy with the price.
Why doesn't Raspberry Pi come with USB3 ?
Because the Broadcom BCM2835 doesn't, be a proper geek and read the datasheet.
It should have 1000BaseT Ethernet.
Yes and you should told that car salesman when you bought your second hand Hyundai Getz, it should have a V12 and Leather seats. 

To all the keen developers, hackers, geeks, coders keep up the good work. This old fart for one thinks the time you are spending on the project is worthwhile.

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